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A case for Empathetic Geography

Session 1
Steve Goldberg

Most young Americans can't find Ukraine or the Gaza Strip on a map. This is a problem. In order to empathize with other people, we need to *slow down* and learn where each of us come from and what matters to us. We need more empathetic geography.

Breaking the Burnout Cycle: Weaving Wellness and Building Bonds among School Staff

Session 1
Travis Delancey-Goodman, Jeannette Bautista, and John Clemente

Teacher mental health is a real thing! It’s no secret that youth mental health is in crisis. Teachers aren’t okay either. Educators experience substantially higher rates of depression than the overall population. Nearly 50 percent leave the classroom within five years. Teaching is considered as stressful as working as an emergency room doctor (Hechinger Report August 2023). Educators are invited to learn more about a unique program "Adult Rites of Passage", which mirrors the siblinghood groups offered to students at South Bronx Community Charter High School. The Adult ROP space provides two functions: one is to learn more about the types of activities that can be conducted in the student space by doing them in groups of adults. The second is to provide respite from busy weeks of lesson planning and give adults a space to unwind, be silly, reflect and connect.

Building Social Emotional Skills through Personalized Advising

Session 1
Natalie Ferrell, Cathleen Collazo, Angie Aponte, Sabrina Fernandez, Daniel Lipford

How can you use one-on-one advising to meet young people where they are, build strong relationships and fortify student's confidence, self-advocacy, reflectiveness and prioritization skills? At SBC, we meet with students bi-weekly and set personalized goals. Join us to jumpstart advising at your school/district or take your advising practice to the next level.

Developing a Sense of Place and Purpose: Using Urban Neighborhoods as Classrooms and Textbooks

Session 1
Alyssa Ripley, Taylor Lewis, Michael Friedman

The 11th grade STRIPES program at Belmont Charter High School in the Parkside section of Philadelphia highlights how an urban neighborhood can become a powerful extension of the classroom. This conversation will discuss ways that teachers can connect with their neighborhoods in the service of inquiry-driven learning and culturally responsive teaching.

Educators as Advocates and Policymakers

Session 1
Andrew Coy

Educators know the needs of students and schools better than anyone, but it can often feel like you’re on an island of your own in your classroom. With this in mind, let’s reflect on how we are already acting as advocates, dig into some deep questions, dream about what could be, see what ideas emerge, and walk through a number of policy tools, tips, and tricks!

What School Looks Like for Future-Ready Teens: Paradigm Shifts for Career + Life Success

Session 1
Jennifer L.M. Gunn, Bennett Smith

What needs to change in schools -- in your school -- for teens to be truly future-ready? What mindsets, what paradigms, what systems — big and small? We'll ask the big questions, dig in, and unpack the shifts needed at the district, school, and classroom levels. Then we'll shift into accelerator mode, sharing real ideas for catalytic teaching and learning that guide teens to be future-ready.

Why Would Students Come to Your School If They Didn't Have to?

Session 1
Pam Moran, Ira Socol

Participate with friends and colleagues in a deep discussion exploring this question. Let's crowd source responses and create a Medium post before we leave that represents our conversation. Consider street data you notice that says young people matter in schools. Share practices that bring young people to see school as a home of opportunity. What's the spirit that you would like to see inhabit your school and others?

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