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Why Would Students Come to Your School If They Didn't Have to?

Session 1
Pam Moran, Ira Socol — Virginia School Consortium for Learning

The key focus of this conversation is on the question of why would students want to come to your school if we didn't have compulsory attendance laws? Engagement and chronic absenteeism are worse than ever in recent decades. Home schooling is the most rapid growing education sector for ages 5-18. Parents don't see the need for students to go to school every day. Many teachers are more actively disengaged than they have ever been. Rather than focusing on what's not working in schools. Let's look at what may be the outlier educators and school communities among us and consider why kids, parents, and teachers want to come to school.

Conversational Practice

We intend to frame this conversation in the round through appreciative inquiry process questions to uncover and share strengths, assets, and opportunities within the conversation community that emerges during the session.

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