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Building Social Emotional Skills through Personalized Advising

Session 1
Natalie Ferrell, Cathleen Collazo, Angie Aponte, Sabrina Fernandez, Daniel Lipford

How can you use one-on-one advising to meet young people where they are, build strong relationships and fortify student's confidence, self-advocacy, reflectiveness and prioritization skills?

At SBC, we meet with student one-on-one bi-weekly to build a strong coaching relationship and support a young person in setting personalized goals that carry over the course of a year. Students lead their conferences twice per year with their advisor and parent and complete a "Gateway presentation" at the end of the year detailing evidence of their growth in their personalized goals and areas of improvement/future focus. This process models the process that staff embark on with their supervisors so they have a direct mental model for the journey over the year.

We will share our advising model and create the opportunity to discuss practices/key takeaways and apply learning to one's local context. We will also treat participants as experts and create an opportunity to share their practices.

Conversational Practice

We will build in the opportunity to discuss practices and build an action plan for how to apply learning. We will share stories and also create the opportunity for stories to be shared.

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