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Queering the Classroom - Co-Designing to Create Brave, Inclusive Classrooms

Session 5
Andre Zarate, Lauren Overton — Andre Zarate - The Z Factor, LLC; House of Legends; 228Accelerator Lauren Overton - PAS, 228Accelerator

The equity through line of our presentation is that a classroom that centers queer youth benefits and positively impacts all students in the classroom. We start off by discussing the current state of affairs, but want to make sure that we focus on queer joy and possibility. We frame the discussion on identity, imagination, and the equityXdesign framework. We discuss foundational elements of reimagining “queer,” defining “belonging,” and sharing what queer youth say is “foundational elements of a classroom.” We end with an overview of equityXdesign and give an opportunity for participants to do a design sprint focus on a key lever of schooling, which allows them to dream and imagine brave spaces.

Conversational Practice

This presentation is focused on building definitions together and then depending on the number of participants - will allow participants to see a number of ideas of innovating school levers that relate to centering queer students in the classroom.

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