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Cardboard & Consoles: Game-Based Thinking in the Classroom

Session 5
Dan Ryder — Community Regional Charter School

After a brief exploration period investigating a variety of games, the community of conversationalist will be guided through a framework to game-based thinking and use a human-centered design process to brainstorm and initiate prototype game-based experiences. From there we will discuss the insights and understandings they took from that process and they might apply to their impact areas.

Conversational Practice

We will use my 5E framework for human-centered design and problem solving: EXPLORE, EMPATHIZE, EXPERIMENT, EXECUTE, EVOLVE.
We will dive into a library of games and unpack the ideas of game-based thinking. We will discuss one another's histories and experiences with games. We will experiment with ideas for applying game-based thinking to learning experiences in our impact areas. We will identify an idea to develop and plan to execute. And we will discuss our experiences and thinking so we may evolve even the kernel of an idea into something more.

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