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Sequence and Consequence: Why Storytelling is Essential for Learning

Session 2
Gerald Aungst, Amanda Dykes — School District of Cheltenham Township, McAdory Middle School

The focus for this conversation is how and why storytelling should be embedded in the design of all learning experiences.

We will first share some of the science supporting the connections between storytelling and learning. Then, we will spend a few minutes processing this information, capturing several “So What?” thoughts and questions from the participants. We will form small groups around some or all of the questions generated by the room. Each group will explore the questions more deeply, contributing to a shared Learnist board as a storytelling tool. After sharing out highlights of the learning in the small groups, we’ll move into the “Now What?” phase, with new groups following a line of personal interest by generating a classroom activity around a digital storytelling tool, a curricular area, a project, or a problem applying ideas from the earlier discussions.

In the last few minutes of the session, pair up and share with each other how you will tell the story of this experience to your colleagues or administrator when you get back on Monday.

Conversational Practice

Use of a modified "What? So What? Now What?" protocol as the overall framework, each segment of the session will focus primarily on small group conversations and collaboratively building a Learnist board.

Presenter Profiles

Gerald Aungst
Gerald Aungst
Cheltenham School District


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