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Disruptive Innovation

Session 2
Danielle Hartman, Dr. Spike Cook, Dana Sirotiak — Hartman-Tech/Literacy Specialist: Burlington County Institute of Technology, Dr. Cook-Principal: Millville Public Schools; Sirotiak: Social Studies Teacher: Jersey City School District

The main idea of this conversation is the impact of disruptive innovations on education. What are the technologies impacting and changing education today? What are the sustaining innovations that are improving the pedagogical process?

Disruptive technologies, or innovations, are innovations that create a new market. They are disruptive because they are innovations the markets did not expect. Sustaining innovations, on the other hand, are improvements to existing technologies. They cater to high end customers who demand better performance than previously existed.

We will be discussing the difference between disruptive and sustaining innovations. First we will identify in which category innovations belong, then we will discuss which has more impact on education.

Conversational Practice

We will be using a text based seminar format for our conversation.

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Danielle Hartman
Danielle Hartman
Burlington County Institute of Technology


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