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Adopting, Using, and Reusing Open Content

Session 5
Bill Fitzgerald, Jeff Graham, Andrea Burton — FunnyMonkey

Despite having been the subject of increased attention over the last several years, the mechanics of using open content and the advantages of using open content remain poorly understood.

In this session, we will look at the roots of some of these misconceptions, and define ways in which these misconceptions can be addressed.

Additionally, this session will also help participants looking to get involved in the use, creation, and distribution of open content.

Our goal for this conversation is to help participants learn exactly how easy it is to implement open content, and an open content authoring process, as part of our daily work.

Conversational Practice

As part of the discussion, we will focus on and document freely available open source tools that can be used to create, distribute, remix, and redistribute openly licensed content. As part of this session, we want to continue to build a network of interested educators who want to continue to work on developing and distributing open content after Educon.

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Bill Fitzgerald
Bill Fitzgerald
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