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The Benefits and Challenges of Dual-enrollment

Session 6
Dr. Michelle Van Lare, Alice Gallegher, Jeffrey Elkner — Arlington Public Schools, Arlington, VA

At the end of the 2022-23 school year 25 Virginia high school students graduated with an Associates Degree concurrent with their high school diploma. 15 of these 25 students came from one high school program, Arlington Tech (https://careercenter.apsva.us/arlington-tech).

In this conversation, the Arlington Tech program coordinator and two teachers of ICT dual-enrolled courses will lead a discussion of the benefits and challenges of offering college courses to high school students.

Conversational Practice

The session will be a round table discussion sparked by driving questions: why Dual Enrollment (DE)? and who benefits from DE opportunities? The organizers will present information on DE goals, pathways, and statistics and build on the personal experiences of participants, teachers, and students in DE programs to provide rich conversations about this growing segment of secondary education programs.

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Jeffrey Elkner
Jeffrey Elkner
Arlington Career Center


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