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The Artist Incognito: Making Art to Inform Our Educational Practice

Session 3
Jacquie Gardy, Dan Ryder — US Department of State English Language Programs, Community Regional Charter School

We so often use artistic expression as ice breakers, tempo shifters, and detachment from the task at hand in learning environments. In this conversation, participants will be offered a wide range of artistic techniques, media, and excecises in 2D and 3D art in the service of better understanding their professional practice as educators and humans. More than a paint and sip, this is will be more of an art and insights. We want all to feel welcome to explore and try their hand at different methods as they discover links between the collages and watercolors in hand and the way they approach the world of teaching and learning.

Conversational Practice

We will use an art studio structure as well as a salon discussion format, providing stations and prompts to encourage conversation between neighbor participants with mindful pauses and opportunities to gather together as a whole before starting the cycle once more. Each piece of art created — from doodle to diorama will serve as an artifact and talking piece for the conversation.

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