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Session 1
George Mayo, Harry Costner — Montgomery County Public Schools (Silver Spring, MD.), Arlington Public Schools (Arlington, VA.)

Remix and mash-up projects using shared digital multi-media encourage participatory culture, provide insight into multiple points of view, sharpen digital storytelling skills, and create a platform to exercise digital citizenship. @remixeducon is a unique crowdsourcing media collaboration experience for all Educon attendees. @remixeducon encourages you, the attendee, to capture images, video and audio clips from Educon that represent your unique experience of the conference. It can be anything: a cab outside on the street, an empty classroom, a moment from a session, networked learning in action, a short clip illuminating an empowering idea you just heard, or even a description of a project you can’t wait to share with your learning communities. Be creative! Use whatever tools you have at your disposal to capture your media.

All media submitted to @remixeducon will be licensed under Creative Commons and made available for easy downloading and remixing.

@remixeducon will provide: A Gmail address to email digital images and video created by attendees during Educon. A Google voice number for recording digital audio comments or sound files. These digital images, video and audio files will then be made available in an easily accessible public Google Drive folder. Participants are encouraged to view and download choice media files to create unique digital media projects using the crowdsourced material. These diverse media projects will be showcased on the Remix Educon site.

These projects may take the form of traditional online videos, remixes or mash-ups, slideshows, animated gifs or podcasts. In addition, we hope participants will find ways to demonstrate the diverse educational potential of hundreds of new web 2.0 media creation tools like wevideo, animoto, blabberize, extranormal, and many others.

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Harry Costner
Harry Costner
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