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Moments Drive Ideas That Fuel Our Vision for the Future

Session 6
Leo Brehm — Reynolds TLC, XR Terra, K12 Leaders

We experience Moments that shape us from our birth until we soar. It is how we live and reflect on these Moments that will shape us, our connections and our Ideas. Once we have learned to reflect on our memories and Moments we develop Ideas about ourselves, our community and our world. How we reflect, accept and build our Ideas helps us to conceive our Vision. Our Vision allows us to see where we should be, evolve and lead forward. Our Moments and Ideas shape our concepts and will enable us to paint a picture that can inspire and be shared. The mastery of this process will give learners the confidence to create the future.

Conversational Practice

We will engage in a three part process: 1. We will break out into pairs and discover a moment in each others lives that they reflect on frequently in their practice. 2. We will unpack a series of "moments" that have shaped our group to where they are today. 3. We will discover ideas on the reflection process that has evolved around this moment over time. 4. We will unpack how we might introduce this to certain age groups and reframe our interactions to support Moment Development.

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