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Let Them Play! - Games in the Classroom

Session 3
Steph Sessa, Victor Hernandez, BJ Enzweiler — Science Leadership Academy

When students engage with educational games they can learn through play. But, when students create games, they learn even more. At Science Leadership Academy there are many student projects that revolve around game creation. In this session we will discuss the different types of game projects that students can do, and hope that you can walk away from this session with a prototype of a game, or project, that you can take back to your class.

Conversational Practice

The goal here is to give teachers the tools they need to start exploring game design as a pedagogical practice. Attendees should expect to see examples of games and gaming projects that have been used at SLA. We will also discuss core game mechanics and what they can teach us about project creation. From there, attendees will collaborate to start their own game projects for their own classes.

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BJ Enzweiler
BJ Enzweiler
Science Leadership Academy


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