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It's time for Mid-21st Century technology in schools

Session 3
Ira Socol, Pam Moran — Socol Moran Partners LLC

Schools have battled with learner uses of technology for 25 years now, beginning with wars against Wikipedia and, for this entire century, a corrosive battle against both phones and learner-controlled tech. These fights have increased the apparent irrelevance of schools - for both learners and their parents - while abandoning any effort to teach the best uses of this century's tools. Ira Socol and Pam Moran will provoke a conversation centered around questions that go to the heart of the why and how of school at a time when students are choosing to walk away, often with their parents consent.

Conversational Practice

Hot topics discussed rationally - with evidence - is our style. Yes, we will be provocative but not angry and not accusatory. This isn't about right vs wrong, but about the strategies that we need to build around every school technology decision, and the societal costs and benefits of each decision.

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