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Finding Joy in Centering Inclusion

Session 4
Katie Culver, Dylan Van Duyne — School District of Philadelphia
  1. Using Alok's quote: "Your role on this earth is to cultivate the truest form of yourself, and other people are going to feel threatened by that because they are living an abbreviated version of their own joy" We will reflect on our own identities and how they bring us joy and how they present challenges to showing up as our authentic selves. We will draw on this reflection to ask, when or how have we caused our students to live an abbreviated version of their own joy? What would it take in our schools to allow everyone to show up as the “truest form of themselves”?
  2. We will present findings from SDP’s Student Experience Survey and discuss the under-reporting of LGBTQ experiences. We will discuss and provide alternative measures to gather more accurate data on all students' experiences in schools.
  3. Cultivating Joy in/and Inclusivity Participants will explore Gholdy Muhammed's "Unearthing Thought" exercise, completing an evaluation regarding opportunities for Joy in schools. We will explore, “What is getting in the way of Joy in our schools?” and tie this back to Alok’s message that “people are living an abbreviated version of their own joy.”
  4. Finally, we will view art, listen to music and ask participants to share examples of how joy is cultivated in their own educational spaces. We will share strategies to center joy and create truly inclusive communities in schools, drawing on the facilitators’ experiences facilitating Equity Centered PD with leaders and working to establish more inclusive communities in schools.

Conversational Practice

We will provide many opportunities to discuss, collaborate and share ways to cultivate joy, and how we recognize and center the many beautiful identities in our schools. Drawing on the experiences of those in the group, we will reflect on when and how school was joyful for us and where and how we bring joy to our school communities now. Participants will view and discuss art, listen to music and spoken word, and problem solve around what is getting in the way of centering joy?

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