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Failure in the Generative Age

Session 4
Alana Winnick — Toasted Podcast, Finger Lakes Community College, The Generative Age, Pocantico Hills Central School District

Artificial Intelligence is not new. It is not perfect. But, it is also not going away. So, as educators, the question really isn't how can we ban AI in our schools; the question is how do we invite a conversation about it into the classroom? We see an opportunity here to simultaneously develop a nuanced conversation about what Amy Edmonson calls "intelligent failure" in her book, The Right Kind of Wrong (2023). How we guide our students through the Generative Age will require us to also be more adapt at leveraging the moments when things don't go the way we wanted.

Conversational Practice

This conversation will be based on a variety of interactive activities and restorative circle protocols. We will converse in an effort to develop ideas about what it means to live and teach in uncertain times—and with tools that seem to develop as fast as the mythology around them.

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