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Do collaborations really work? Exploring lessons learned from a successful seven-school community of practice in Philly implementing student-centered initiatives.

Session 4
Crystal Cubbage, Jennifer Brevoort, Robbie Marsden and two additional CoP members (To be confirmed) — Philadelphia Learning Collaborative

Broadly this discussion is about how the Philadelphia Learning Collaborative (PLC), an educational nonprofit that often functions as an intermediary organization, convenes schools in its membership to take on initiatives that are too daunting for individual schools to tackle alone, such as implementing new curriculum or strengthening school-based real-world learning programs. Specifically, teachers from the CoP will share details from the first of a two-year long journey of working across seven schools to implement an SEL curriculum in advisory that addressed students post-pandemic needs.

PLC and the Learning Accelerant partnered to build a CoP of 30-educators with representation from seven Philadelphia schools. The goal of this ongoing initiative is to maximize advisory by using a common curriculum (nXu) and learning how it is adapted in different contexts. The curriculum guides teachers in helping students to: 1. navigate transitions 2. find their voice 3. chart a path for the future, and 4.prepare for what’s next.

In our conversation teachers will openly share the benefits and challenges of this approach.

Attenders will learn about how to: engage with school leaders about an identified challenge remove barriers to participation to create an open community collaborate with colleagues in your school build a virtual community to advance the initiative

After the panel, the session will transition into small groups where attendees will take some time to strategize around needs and innovations that have been tabled in their own schools and determine how cross school collaboration could be meaningful.

Conversational Practice

This panel will feature teachers who are CoP members. The attendees will be encouraged to ask questions. Following the panel, CoP teachers will facilitate structured small group discussions aimed at guiding attendees to workshop their own next steps and leave the session with ideas about how to move a similar initiative forward in their own context.

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