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Debugging Creativity and Imagination: The Fusion of AI and creative writing

Session 6
Marina Lombardo — Pocantico Hills CSD

This session will navigate the crossroads of generative artificial intelligence and ELA. Using prompt engineering, students can convert their written thoughts into astonishing AI-generated images and allow educators to view writing through the lens of computational thinking, providing a unique, algorithmic approach to the creative writing process. Students are guided to use an algorithm to write their prompts and then 'debug' them, similar to how programmers optimize their algorithms, resulting in the best possible image representation of their written words. This journey provides an innovative and enriching exploration into the fusion of creativity, analytical thinking, and collaborative learning, set within the context of the increasingly digital and AI-driven world.

Conversational Practice

The presenter will facilitate roundtable conversations by handing out bags with spark topics that participants will pull from to discuss. We will come back together and share.

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Marina Lombardo
Marina Lombardo
Pocantico Hills Central School District


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