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Building a school-wide real-world learning program

Session 5
Matthew Riggan, Candace Eaton, Workshsop School students (TBD) — The Workshop School, Workshop Learning

What does "real world learning" mean? How can schools build robust RWL programs? How do you plan the work? What are students expected to learn and how is that learning demonstrated and assessed? What role to partnerships play, and how do you cultivate and maintain them? How do you scaffold RWL experiences across grades? How do you know if you're ready to launch an internship program? How can college classes or industry training be embedded in your curriculum? In this session, we explore all things RWL from a leadership, classroom and student perspective.

Conversational Practice

This session will be facilitated by staff and students from the Workshop School. Facilitators will ask participants to reflect on and share their current RWL practices and identify specific next steps they can take to grow or deepen their programs. We will share information and resources from our own systems and practices but focus our work on how participants might adapt them to their own contexts.

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