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AI & Chat GPT for Your Classroom and Hustle

Session 5
Samuel A. Reed III — U School / AFRN Program, SriiiConsulting

This session will provide an exploratory dive into the importance of responsible use of AI and Chat GPT in education and entrepreneurship. By exploring the potential and pitfalls of AI technology, we aim to empower participants to harness AI & Chat GPT benefits for educational and professional success.

Through practical strategies and actionable ideas, we will provide attendees with the tools to integrate AI and Chat GPT in a manner that promotes inclusivity, access, and fairness. We will emphasize the ethical considerations associated with AI, including data privacy, bias mitigation, and responsible algorithmic decision-making.

Furthermore, by co-presenting with high school students, we ensure that diverse voices are represented, fostering a sense of inclusion and promoting representation of underrepresented groups in discussions around AI and technology integration.

The session will also highlight the relevance of AI and Chat GPT in addressing educational and societal inequities. Moreover, by exploring the entrepreneurial potential of Chat GPT, we encourage participants to leverage AI for social good, addressing community needs and promoting inclusive economic development. By sharing innovative approaches and success stories, we hope to inspire attendees to use AI technology to create opportunities and make a positive impact in underserved communities. In summary, this session advances Equitable Development by promoting responsible AI usage, fostering inclusivity, addressing educational disparities, and empowering participants to leverage AI and Chat GPT for equitable and sustainable educational and entrepreneurial practices.

Conversational Practice

The audience will be directly engaged through a variety of interactive activities and discussions. Participants will have the opportunity to experience AI and Chat GPT firsthand through demonstrations and guided exercises. Small group discussions will encourage collaboration, allowing attendees to share their insights, ask questions, and brainstorm ideas for integrating AI into their classrooms and entrepreneurial ventures.

Additionally, dedicated time for Q&A and a student case studies discussion with the lead presenter and student co-presenters will provide an interactive platform for participants to engage, seek clarifications, and gain diverse perspectives. This session is designed to actively involve the audience, ensuring an engaging and participatory learning experience.

During our workshop, participants will actively engage in dynamic conversation, including students who will co-present. Here are some ways we will ensure their experiences and perspectives are integrated:

Content Expertise: Students will share their firsthand experiences of using AI and Chat GPT in the classroom, providing unique insights into its practical applications.

Effective Communication: The session will include panel discussions where students will actively communicate their experiences and perspectives on using AI for learning and innovation.

Collaboration: Students will join group activities and discussions, collaborating with other participants to explore AI's potential in education and entrepreneurship.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: Students will engage in problem-solving scenarios, offering their perspectives on addressing challenges related to AI integration.

Self-Directed Learning: Students will share how they've independently explored and applied AI technology to enhance their learning and side hustles.

Academic Mindsets: By participating as co-presenters, students will exemplify an academic mindset, demonstrating their enthusiasm for learning and leveraging AI for positive change.

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