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Learning in Public

Session 3
Alec Couros, Dean Shareski — University of Regina, Discovery Education

Many educators and institutions are now placing tremendous value on being connected. However, there are numerous, essential differences between being online and learning online. In this conversation, participants will explore examples (from various subject areas and grade levels) of those who visit, take residence, and learn in online spaces. Through the conversation around these shared examples, we will move to explore key questions stemming from this topic such as:

  • What can educators learn from non-formal and informal learning environments?
  • What is the value of learning in public?
  • What are potential personal and/or systematic barriers to learning in public?
  • What is the difference between learning and sharing?
  • How should schools address or embrace the affordances of public learning spaces?

Conversational Practice

There will be a very short, 5-10 minute, overview of the topic that will be followed by a large group discussion (possibly small groups as well). We will use a wiki or Google Doc to track important points, share examples, and invite others to collaborate before/beyond the date of the session.

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Alec Couros
Alec Couros
University of Regina


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