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Imagining a Different Path: Charting a course for Teacher-led schools

Session 4
Chris Angelini, Jessie Gluck, Annie Huynh — Teachers Lead Philly

Too often our schools rely on a top-down model of leadership and curriculum development that isn't responsive to the needs of individual students in a 21st century environment. Imagine a school where everyone teaches and all decisions - from curriculum to scheduling to discipline policies - were made by teachers. There are schools where this fantasy is a reality and there is research that suggests this model might be just what our education system needs. Join Teachers Lead Philly to explore the research around teacher-led models for schools. Through an overview of the theory behind the model and actual examples of teacher-led schools from around the country, we’ll develop an idea of what teacher-led schools might look like in our own districts and what conditions might be necessary to create such schools. The conversation will conclude with the development of action-steps to pursue schools that allow teachers to drive policy, practice, and curriculum.

Conversational Practice

Participants will conduct collaborative inquiry informed by their own practice and research. The conversation will culminate with expectations, implications, and actions steps for pursuing a teacher-led model in schools.

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Chris Angelini
Chris Angelini
Career and Academic Development Institute & Teachers Lead Philly


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